Happy Halloween and a no sew DIY Jellyfish costume

IMG_2283The conversation and planning was on the dinner table for couple of days since she got the idea from a classmate. But it was just yesterday night we started making it! All I knew was that she wanted to be a jellyfish! Awww…I was like pulling my hair…how to do that! (Well, did I mention that so far we never bought any Halloween costumes! Every year we make it ourselves!) And the solution came from her! Ma, you just need few streamers to attach to an umbrella. Hmm …that sounds pretty smart, simple and doable! Well, if you are making it the night before Halloween, you cannot go for an elaborate plan. So I kept it very very simple. But at the end she turned into such a cute jellyfish that I cannot wait to share it with you! And the best part is, there is no sewing involved. If you have a child who is always up for DIY costumes, this should be in your list! I know you are out for Trick or Treating when I am writing this post, so save this for next time!!

This is the first year she has gone for trick or treating with her friends. Nothing can beat the fun of going for “Trick of Treat”ing with bunch of friends (dressed in funny/scary/cute costumes) and come back with loads of candies. To add to that, what fun is it when you can tell your friends that you made your own costume?

So, here is the material list:


  1. A clear umbrella (best if you have the dome one, if not, just use whatever available. We used a regular clear/transparent umbrella)
  2. Fine net Tulle fabric- 3yd
  3. Stiff net Tulle fabric-1yd
  4. 2 inch wide white gift wrap ribbon of your choice
  5. Scissor
  6. Hot glue gun

How to do it:

  1. Ask your child to stand holding the umbrella and measure the length from the edge of the umbrella to her ankle.
  2. Cut 3 inch wide ribbons from the fine net tulle and the stiff net tulle. Length of these pieces would be the length you just measured (edge of umbrella to ankle)
  3. take one piece of the fine net tulle and keep tying it tightly to the end of the spikes of the umbrella. This will be the place where we will attach/tie/glue all the other ribbons. So nothing is directly tied/glued to the umbrella. And you can have your umbrella back the next day!! In Seattle you cannot loose your umbrella for anything!IMG_2245
  4. Cut the gift wrap ribbon into 8 pieces. These pieces would be a little smaller than the tulle ribbons.
  5. Once you have tied one ribbon all around the edge of the umbrella, now start tying all the other tulle ribbons (3 inch wide ones we just made) and the gift wrap ribbons. Tie them in any order you want. We tied 4 fine net tulle ribbon near each spike. Then added one stiff net tulle ribbon and one regular gift wrap ribbon ( we used hot glue gun to glue the gift wrap ribbon) in between two spikes.
  6. Once you are done tying all the ribbons, wrap another fine net tulle ribbon loosely around the edge of the umbrella.

  7. Wear a white or sea green dress and hold the umbrella with tentacles !IMG_2257
  8. Voila! Now you have one cute and proud jellyfish!!

I cut all the pieces for her and she tied and glued them all to the umbrella. It is that simple!!

Hope to see you/ your child as a jellyfish next time!



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